Here’s how our LaserTopia membership works: $24.95 per year

• When you purchase a LaserTopia Membership, with your card you can log-in to any phaser with your own chosen player name or character.
• During game play, you accumulate membership points which are logged in against your character.
• Later on, you can go to the tablet at LaserTopia, where you can log-in to your membership and you can see all the points that have accumulated from your previous games. From here, you can also configure your membership character, by using your accumulated bonus points, and acquiring special weapons as well as special upgrades.
• The next time you play in a member’s game, these weapons and upgrades will be available to you on the phaser that you log-in to.
• Members are able to access their membership info from their home computers or mobile devices during LaserTopia’s regular business hours.



This adds a lot of fun to your experience in the arena, as it takes your games to a whole other level!
With membership features, we are mindful of not making the members too powerful compared to the standard players. To do this we have a feature during the standard default games, where members can still log-in and they can still accumulate points but they are not able to use their extra powers and extra weapons at that time. Their enhanced play features are only available for use during the member’s games.